Let’s solve some programming puzzles together every week.


I’ve been streaming on Twitch (@karthikb351) for a few weeks now, and I finally think I’m in a position to take on a slightly more complicated project - building a small programming community!


A Discord server that’s for folks who want to spend some time every week working on some simple programming challenges/puzzles, and then discussing them with others. Specifically designed for people new to (and experienced in) programming. Discord: discord.gg/NvwRKJDG8H.

Who is this for?

  • If you are someone who has some basic understanding of a programming language, these problems are going to be more logic challenges than something where the code is complicated.
  • If you are something who codes for their day job, this is a great oppurtunity to spend a few minutes every week to work on some fun puzzles, and explore solutions from other people. I personally have found these sorts of programming problems to be a welcome change of pace from what I usually do at work (which, let’s face it, is ultimately 99% just writing CRUD apps).
  • If you’ve been meaning to pick up a new langauge, or explore a new programming paradigm, this is a great excuse to finally do it. The problems are simple enough that you could possibly do it in an new langauge if you wanted to.

What kind of challenges/puzzles?

I’ve been a huge fan of advent of code for years now, so that’s the logical place for me to start. We’ll start off with puzzles from Advent of Code 2020.

How to participate

Best place to start is to probably join the Discord at discord.gg/NvwRKJDG8H.

  • We’re doing 5 puzzles/week (so 5 weeks to finish Advent of Code 2020’s 25 puzzles).
  • Discussions and solutions are posted on the #advent-of-code-chat channel on the Discord.
  • Experienced programmers should try and set some additional contraints/challenges, like solving the puzzles in a new language.
  • If you are new to programming, the puzzles are largely logical, and not very complicated to code. You can use the #programming-help channel on the Discord if you find yourself stuck somewhere.
  • We have a private leaderboard that you can join to track progress against the other members
  • Create a GitHub repo, say hi on the Discord, and hopefully learn something new!