An update on our community space plans.

After many months of window shopping spaces and options, we’ve finally signed a place. It’s happening.

It’s been a bit of whirlwind few days, adjusting to the pace has been a challenge. So many things to still do and so little time - but it’s exciting. I’ve forgotten this feeling for a few years and it’s great to be back in this space of having more ideas than time and trying to reign that in.

Plan to spend the next few days and weeks talking to friends and well-wishers - and hopefully get some interesting events lined up!

We are going to be right next to Lavonne, on Double Road, Indiranagar. It feels like the sweet spot of not having the premium of 12th Main but still close and accessible to where people might want to meet and do something together. I’m glad we took our time until we found something we liked.

Okay, should keep these short. More soon. See you February 15th, 2024.