I joined HasGeek as an intern during my final year of engineering and joined fulltime after I graduated in May 2015.

I started off as the sole Android developer on HasGeek’s conference app, and then moved on to working on HasGeek’s many web products - Hasjob, Talkfunnel, Lastuser, etc. They are built primarily on Python+Flask+Postgresql, along with HasGeek’s custom libraries such as hasgeek/baseframe (UI), hasgeek/coaster (utilities) and many others.

I also setup a Jekyll-powered stack to manage HasGeek’s multiple event websites - hasgeek/events

I served at the editor of several mobile-focused conferences (droidconIN in 2015, 2016, and Fragments 2017) I was responsible for framing the theme, inviting proposals and curating the talks and workshops.

I helped setup, record, edit, and publish videos of the talks at our conferences. This involved everything from setting up the recording equipment to managing the YouTube channel. You can find all the videos on HasGeek.tv.

I managed the marketing side of things which included the weekly newsletter, several blogs, social media channels, and the Friends of HasGeek Slack community.